Too Faced Cosmetics Possibly Selling Off Soon

November 24th, 2014

Unnamed sources that are assumed to be employees or executives within Too Faced Cosmetics LLC have leaked details that the company may soon be looking for a buyer. According to these sources the proposed deal would value the company at several hundred millions.

Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced is a relatively popular brand that can be found in major cosmetics retailers like Sephora and Ulta, even online on websites such as Based on insider estimates the makeup company currently pulls in over $25 million in revenue each year.

Here are some of Too Faced’s best selling products:

  • Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection
  • Lip Injection Extreme
  • Natural Eyes
  • Better Than False Lashes
  • Sweethearts Blush
  • Primed & Poreless Primer
  • Glamour Gloss
  • Melted Lipstick
  • La Creme Lipstick

These products vary in price from $17 to $49 and above. Looking for reviews? Stop by The Derm Review for full beauty product reviews and to find the best prices around.

Too Faced Cosmetics was founded by two men: Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. The company has been around since 1998 and has quickly become one of the leading brands in the makeup industry.

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How to Overcome Skin Discoloration

November 9th, 2014

Throughout a number of nations having lighter skin is deemed really hot and this has started a completely new craze of utilizing skin lightening products to lighten up the skin. Many people also make use of these products and solutions to eliminate humiliating difficulties such as dark spots. These external cures can even be applied to take away things like freckles.

Prior to when you get a skin whitener for oneself you ought to learn about the various skin bleaching ingredients there are. One chemical that can be found in a number of skin lightening creams referred to as hydroquinone has become forbidden in quite a few areas as a result of the cancer risks connected with it. Hydroquinone is theoretically meant to be approved by a doctor but is also seen in a lot of over-the-counter treatment options.

Several skin bleaching ingredients are too nasty for use on folks with delicate skin. Various acids and things like retin A can do more damage than good in certain instances. Do you know that simply just utilizing a decent moisturizer day-to-day may also help brighten up your skin? Moisturizers help recharge skin cells and increase healthy skin development.Discoloration of Skin

On the other hand of the spectrum are skin brightening solutions (read skin brightening cream reviews here)offered for sale without having a prescription which include adrenal cortical steroids and other prescription only medicines that can expose oneself to a great deal of destruction on your skin. A few of these products and solutions may also have mercury and several other harmful substances.

Skin bleachers are available in many different variations. Almost everything from a common creme to a simple cleansing soap has been made into a skin bleaching product. Meladerm, Mederma, Perfect Skin and Dermology are common preferred manufacturers and are mostly skin lightening ointments. Prior to deciding to make a decision to purchase one of these cosmetic makeup products you should really look into details about them and particularly find out what ingredients each is containing.

If you happen to go to a skin tone doctor you’ll uncover that there are several other treatments obtainable for whitening the skin, too. These operations focus on stripping a layer of your skin, ie bringing about damage to your skin which can result in a problem labeled post-inflammatory skin discoloration. Although some people will see excellent enhancements in their skin after a laser procedure or peel, other people will get further dark areas on their skin or even get dark underarms.

Darker skinned individuals, for instance African Americans, will have difficulty to make their skin whiter. In actual fact, many medical spas turn down men and women with naturally darkish skin because they know the treatments won’t be incredibly effective.

Topical brightening ingredients are creams or serums used on the skin to help lighten up skin and manage skin pigmentation concerns. Cosmetic dermatologists generally recommend these products in combination with in-medical center dark spots solutions like laser and peels. Skin bleachers are often healthier to use than pricey lasers. Folks with countless various skin ailments will notice improvements in their skin by utilizing these kinds of products.

Skin Discoloration Causes and Remedies

November 4th, 2014

Ever question what the one most common skin concern is? Well, here it is: skin discoloration.

If you’re of Asian origins you get the short end of the stick because Asians are affected most by this issue If your skin is impure or has dark spots anywhere it’s most likely because of a chemical known as melanin. Asian skin features a unique combination of Two variations of melanin that results in skin tones problems such as age spots and higher susceptibility to uva and uvb rays.

Lately a lot of cosmetic companies have been releasing solutions created to treat problems including discoloration of the skin. Although specialized remedy options are available for these problems corporations have also been publishing over-the-counter products and solutions that work nicely to battle skin discoloration, too. At this time skin lightening creams are undoubtedly the easiest option for melasma. Skin bleaching cream like Meladerm is now a common method of dealing with such things as dark spots nowadays. They’re low-priced, work efficiently for almost all men and women, and don’t require expensive health care provider visits.Hyperpigmentation on Face

There are practically countless of skin whitening creams available right now. So how do you decide which one to invest in? Knowledgeable people will know that it is not satisfactory to just choose the best skin lightening product, you have to pick out the skin lightening treatment that is best suited for for you. If you’re interested in Meladerm you can learn more about it on

Individuals can think about the following instructions when they are hunting for a skin lightening solution or are already in the midst of a skin whitening course:

1. Identify Your Problem

There is several sort of hyperpigmentation. The most widespread varieties are freckles, age splotches, melasma and Hori’s naevus. The majority of people just have dark patches, but other folks may encounter other very similar problems. Whilst some people have hereditary skin problems most are attributable to direct exposure to the sun’s rays. By discovering the source of your problem, you will know how to pick out the solution that is going to help you rectify it.

2. Read Up on Skin Lightening Components

Each business has its individual custom made skin whitening compounds that are responsible for providing that wonder on your skin.. But how do you know that a few of these virtually unknown substances are going to do the trick? You really need to know about the treatment to make certain you’re making a intelligent choice. In order to avoid bringing about further damage or even endangering your well being don’t just buy the very first solution you discover.

3. Be a Sensible Shopper

It’s vital to understand that just making use of a simple skin brightening cream just isn’t the only factor to amazing skin, it’s just one element. If perfect, lovely skin is your end goal you’ll really need to do things such as use sunblock every day to have great results. This will help you to have stunning, healthful skin even as you grow older even more.

4. Realize that Not Each and every Product Works for Everybody

Some people might have disorders that remedies like skin whiteners will not often do the job for Men and women with intricate skin conditions for instance vitiligo might not get outstanding outcomes from skin lightening creams. Topical skin lightening treatments are effective for disorders like dark spots. If this sounds the case for you, a skin brightener will possibly not solve your complications. If you implement a cream on a condition caused by hormones you may do much more harm than good, so talk with your health care professional prior to buying one.